Ace 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Bell Helmets

Posted: 16/02/2018


Showcase debut at MCN London Show 2018
Bell Helmets, one of the industry’s most iconic brands and a leader in innovative head protection, joins with Ace Cafe London firing up 2018 and celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Ace with the showcase debut of three new Limited Edition Bell helmets at the MCN London Motorcycle Show, held at Excel, Docklands, London, 16th – 18th February.
With Bell being the helmet of choice for many international pro road racers for the last half century, cafe racers likewise adopted helmets such that they are an engrained part of the British “Ton Up” motorcycle culture. Now, over sixty years later, the partnership comes full circle in the form of these three all new collaborative helmet designs that each celebrates the 80th Anniversary of Ace Cafe London
Founded by Roy Richter in the garage of a Southern California speed shop in 1954, Bell redefined the racing helmet and in doing so spawned an entire industry. The company is synonymous with protection and progression, and for over 60 years champions in auto, motorcycle and bicycle competitions all over the world have used its helmets. Purpose built, Bell has set the standard for excellence and innovation with nearly every advancement in safety on the list of helmet “firsts.”
Building on the transatlantic partnership established in 2016, the all-new 2018 Limited Edition Bell Ace Cafe London 80th anniversary helmets are the Bell Custom 500, that pays homage to Richter’s original design while adding modern protective technology to bring the design up-to-date, the Bell Moto-3, among the most iconic helmets in motorcycling’s history, and the Bell Race Star, that features the latest in Bell Helmets technology and innovation, and which, since its introduction back in 1967, has long represented the standard in head protection and is revered as the first full-face helmet on the market

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